Steven Milligan

On the Road to Recovery

Steven Milligan

“This feels like home,” said Steve.

Originally from Coalinga, California, Steve has spent many years traveling on military duty, and has also lived in Oklahoma. But he has always returned to Fresno even if, at times, that meant staying in group facilities or living on the streets.

But Steve was referring to his recently acquired apartment in Renaissance at Trinity developed by the Fresno Housing Authority that includes services to support formerly homeless individuals. And he has found not only housing at Trinity but also a group of people who welcomed him immediately.

“You don’t just come and live here. You’re adopted here. This community – it’s just awesome,” he said.

Steve found his way to Trinity after an extended hospital stay. Both he and the medical staff knew he would have to leave the hospital but they also knew that if he returned to the ranks of the homeless he would not recover. He needed bed rest and clean facilities. So the hospital staff reached out to the Fresno Housing Authority to inquire about space at Trinity. And the transition was close to seamless.

“It’s all very convenient,” said Steve. “You got the post office just a few blocks away, a grocery store about ten blocks away – you can walk there and back if you have to. But the bus comes right here and picks you up, takes you anywhere in Fresno you need to go.”

Still, the staff and the community have made the biggest impression. Because Trinity not only provides quality housing, but also on-site services, such as counseling and support meetings.

“I like the groups,” he said. “You go in there and you talk your problems out. And if they can help you, they’ll help you – even if you need to go to the doctor. If you give them two days notice, they’ll take you right over there.”

“Other cities and communities don’t have this. And sometimes people take this stuff for granted. But being safe, and the convenience, it’s great,” he said.