Real Estate Development

Fresno Housing Authority has long been known for successful management of its public housing developments. As it looks to the future, the agency is poised to combine innovation with practicality, as it explores ways to expand housing and associated programs for its core constituencies through an array of forward-looking ideas to increase the number of high-quality, sustainable, affordable units. Thus, Fresno Housing carefully considers its portfolio (and all projects in development) in terms of maintenance and capital needs, as well as opportunities for green design and environmental enhancements. Fresno Housing Authority is committed to the ongoing acquisition, renovation, and construction of affordable housing throughout Fresno County. With an entrepreneurial view to the future, the Housing Authority seeks public and private partners to create new, and to renovate existing, multi-family and single family homes and housing developments with appropriate amenities and services where families are comfortably housed, children have stable school attendance, and neighborhoods can be rejuvenated.

Fresno Housing understands that creating a sense of place demands more than the development of physical design elements. It sees this “sensitivity to place” as an important part of the design of all projects, ensuring that its properties include special features such as architectural adornment, art in its public spaces, community gardens, gathering areas, and other elements that will enhance the sites themselves as well as the neighborhoods of which they are a part.