FAQ’s Housing Choice Vouchers

General FAQ’s

1. When is the interest list going to open? The Interest List for the Housing Choice Voucher Program is currently CLOSED
2. Where do I apply? You can complete a pre-application online anywhere Internet access is available at www.fresnohousing.org/onlineapplication and with any mobile device.
3. What information do I need to apply? You will need the following information to complete the pre-application:
• You must have a valid Email address to register.
• The Head of Household/Co-Head or Spouse’s Social Security number, race/ethnicity and birth date(s).
• The total number of household members.
• The gross annual income for the family household.
• Address and phone number.
4. How long after I apply will I be called? We cannot estimate how long and there is no guarantee you will be selected. Random lottery draws may be performed throughout the year and a final draw will be completed annually. If you are selected, you will be notified by mail. Pre-applications not selected in the final draw will be cancelled.
5. What if I already applied for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV)/Section 8 program? If you were selected from the May 2018 Interest List for the final draw and are still on the waiting list, you do not need to reapply.

If you were not selected, you will need to reapply. You can log back into your existing account and add the Housing Choice Voucher City and County lists when it opens.

6. How do I know if I am currently on the HCV waiting list? Your pre-application status will have an “On List” active status. If your status does not reflect “On List”, you will need to re-apply.
7. Where do I log into my online account? Go to www.fresnohousing.org, click on “continue to website”-“LEARN MORE” – Under Quick Links – “FH Online Application.”
OR you can go to the following link www.fresnohousing.org/onlineapplication.
– Applicant Login & Registration – Enter the Email and Password you created at the time you completed your registration
8. What are the income limits for the Housing Choice Voucher Program? The 2019 income limits can be accessed by clicking here.
9. What if I do not have a social security number? In order to be eligible for assistance, there must be at least one household member that has legal residency. For the purpose of applying, you may enter all 9’s for the social security number for the head of household, co-head and/or spouse. Eligibility for all members will be confirmed if selected.
10. What is a preference and do I qualify? Important! Don’t forget to check the box(es) that tell us if you qualify for a preference. Preferences are used when selecting applicants from the interest list, along with the lottery draw. Preferences are verified; preference points may be removed if we are unable to verify. Go to www.fresnohousing.org/preferences for more information.
11. Reasonable Accommodation If you require a reasonable accommodation due to a disability call (559) 443-8400 Ext. 5605

Logging in FAQ’s

12. What if I don’t have an Email address? If you do not have an email address, one may be obtained by visiting one of several free email providers, including but not limited to Gmail.com, Hotmail.com, or Yahoo.com. You need an email address in order to register to apply. Once you have registered and provided your contact details, you will be able to begin completing your pre-application. Keep the email address to check the status of your pre-application.
13. What do I need to log back in to my online account? You must use the email address you used to register, along with the password you created at that time to log back in.
14. What if I forgot the email address I used when I first registered? You will need to call (559) 443-8400 ext. 5605 or email applicantportal@fresnohousing.org for help logging in. We will need to verify the head of household’s social security number, mailing address and date of birth before confirming any information.
15. What if I forgot my password? From the Applicant Login & Registration page, Click on “Forgot Password” link under the “Login” button and follow the instructions.

After I apply FAQ’s

16. How do I check the status of my application? You may log back into your online account after one week from completing your pre-application to view your information.
17. What if my address changes after I submit my pre-application? After successful completion of submitting a pre-application, you may log back into your online account after one week to report changes to your personal information. It is your responsibility to maintain your pre-application with current contact information.
18. What if my preference(s) change? You may log back into your account and update your preference(s)

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