Property Owner Rights and Responsibilities

Property owners who rent to voucher holders have obligations to both the Fresno Housing Authority, as delineated in the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contract, and to the Voucher participant (the tenant). These obligations should be included in the lease.

Owners participating in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program agree to:

  • Maintain the unit and premises in accordance with the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) established by HUD.
  • Perform all management and rental functions for the unit, including tenant screening and selection.
  • Comply with equal opportunity/fair housing requirements.
  • Prepare information required by the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contract and provide that information to Fresno Housing Authority.
  • Collect a security deposit, the tenant portion of monthly rent, and charges for any damages to the unit.
  • Enforce the tenant’s lease obligations, including those involving illegal drug use and violent criminal activity.
  • Assure that the unit is leased only to those family members whose names are listed on the lease.
  • Determine what utilities will be the tenant’s responsibility and what utilities will be included in the rent.
  • Collect only those payments or charges from the tenant as agreed to in the lease and the contract with Fresno Housing Authority.
  • Ensure that the total rent for the unit does not exceed rents charged to other (non-HCV) tenants in the complex.
  • Ensure that the tenant’s family does not own or have any interest in the unit.

Owners participating in the HCV program are prohibited from:

  • Residing in the unit rented to the HCV participant.
  • Receiving any other form of payment for the unit, beyond the agreed-upon rental amount.
  • Committing fraud, bribery, drug-trafficking, or any other crime.
  • Participating if they have been “debarred”  by HUD.

In most cases, property owners are prohibited from renting to voucher holders who are also family members. However, exceptions for reasonable accommodation can be made for tenants who have a disability. Owners must contact Fresno Housing Authority and have these exceptions approved by the agency.

Fresno Housing Authority will:

  • Pay property owners by the first day of  each month.
  • Regularly evaluate family eligibility.
  • Inspect units at least annually.
  • Investigate potential fraud or program abuse by tenants and property owners.
  • Provide quality service to property owners and tenants.
  • Notify the property owner of any change in the subsidy amount.

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