By Housing Type

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fh-blue-icon Senior Housing
fh-purple-icon Farm Labor Housing
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fh-gray-icon Housing with Supportive Services
fh-orange-icon Migrant Worker Housing

affordable Housing

Biola Apartments, 4955 North 7th Avenue, Biola

Brierwood, 4402 West Avalon Avenue, Fresno

Cardella Courts, 419 P Street, Firebaugh

Cazares Terrace, 36487 O Street, 36333 Mouren Street, Huron

Cedar Courts, 4430 East Hamilton Avenue, Fresno

City View @ Van Ness, 802 Van Ness Avenue, Fresno

Del Rey Apartments, 5662 South Oak Lane Avenue, Del Rey

DeSoto Gardens, 640 East California Avenue, Fresno

Fairview Heights Terrace, 2195 South Maud, Fresno

Legacy Commons, 2255 S. Plumas Strreet, Fresno

Garland Gardens, 3726 North Pleasant Avenue, Fresno

Granada Commons, 14570 California Avenue, Kerman

Helsem Terrace, 938 South 9th Street, Kerman

Huron Apartments, 19125 Myrtle Avenue, Huron

Inyo Terrace, 510 South Peach Avenue, Fresno

Kings River Commons, 2020 E. Dinuba Avenue, Reedley

Kuffel Terrace, 791 I Street, Orange Cove

Kuffel Terrace Annex, 1040 8th Street, Orange Cove

Laton Apartments, 6701 East Latonia Street, Laton

Magill Terrace, (Under Construction – Opening 2019)

Marcelli Terrace, 4887 North Barcus Avenue, Fresno

Mariposa Meadows, 1011 West Atchison Avenue, Fresno

Blossom Trail Commons, 285 J Street, Sanger (Opening Fall 2018)

Mendota Apartments, 778 Quince Street, Mendota

Mendoza Terrace, 1613 Mendoza Drive,1661 Allardt Drive, Firebaugh

Monte Vista Terrace, North 1st Street & East Tyler Avenue, Fresno

Mountain View Apartments, 1270 South Avenue, Orange Cove

Oak Grove, 595 Bigger Street, Parlier

Pacific Gardens, 5161 Kings Canyon Road, Fresno

Parc Grove Commons, 2774 E. Clinton Avenue, Fresno

Parkside Apartments, 36200 North Giffen Drive, Huron

Pinedale Apartments, 145 West Pinedale Avenue, Fresno

Rios Terrace, 424 Derrick Avenue, 101 Tuft Street, and 111 Straw Avenue, Mendota

San Joaquin Apartments, 8610 Pine Avenue, San Joaquin

San Ramon Apartments, 1328 E. San Ramon Avenue, Fresno

Sequoia Courts, 515 S. Modoc Street, Fresno

Sequoia Courts Terrace, 549 South Thorne Avenue, Fresno

Cueva de Oso @ William Shockley Plaza, 1445 Peach Street, Selma

Sierra Plaza, 838 Tulare Street, Fresno

Sierra Terrace, 937 Klette Avenue, Fresno

Sunset Terrace, 629 East Springfield Avenue, 806 Lingo Avenue, Reedley

Taylor Terrace, 8410 Fifth Street, San Joaquin

Paseo 55, 1233 G Street, Reedley,

Viking Village, 4250 North Chestnut Avenue, Fresno

Villa del Mar, 3950 North Del Mar Avenue, Fresno

Yosemite Village, 709 West California Avenue, Fresno


Bridges at Florence, 649 E. Florence Avenue, Fresno

Elderberry at Bethel, 2505 Fifth Street, Sanger

Firebaugh Elderly, 1662 Thomas Conboy Avenue, Firebaugh

Rio Villas, 1238 P Street, Firebaugh

Marion Villas, 1600 Marion Street, Kingsburg

Wedgewood Commons, 2415 5th Street, Sanger

Farm Labor Housing

Maldonado Plaza, 1779 Thomas Conboy Avenue, Firebaugh

Mendota Farm Labor Housing, 241 Tuft Street, Mendota

Orchard Apartments, 295 South Newmark Avenue, Parlier

permanent supportive housing

Renaissance at Alta Monte, 205 North Blackstone Avenue, Fresno

Renaissance at Parc Grove, 2720 E. Clinton Avenue, Fresno

Renaissance at Santa Clara, 503 G St, 512 F St, 1555 Santa Clara St, Fresno

Renaissance at Trinity, 524 South Trinity Street, Fresno

Migrant Worker Housing

Parlier Migrant Center, 8800 South Academy Avenue, Parlier

Market Rate

Citrus Gardens, 201 Citrus Avenue and 452 10th Street, Orange Cove

Dayton Square, 3050 East Dayton Avenue, Fresno

El Cortez Apartments, 4949 North Gearhart Avenue, Fresno

Firebaugh Family Apartments, 1501 Clyde Fannon Road, Firebaugh

Legacy Commons, 2255 S. Plumas Strreet, Fresno

Woodside Apartments, 3212 East Ashcroft Avenue, Fresno