EDUCATION ADVANCEMENT Scholarship (formerly known as karl falk)

The Education Advancement Scholarship Program is sponsored by the Fresno Housing Authority and the Fresno Housing Education Corps. This scholarship program is designed to benefit undergraduate students who live in assisted housing programs of the Fresno Housing Authority who want to complete their higher education. The scholarship will be offered in increments depending on eligibility criteria, number of applicants, and the educational institution. The scholarship award will be in two equal payments in the fall and spring semester. If a scholarship recipient is also awarded other financial aid, it may be necessary to reduce the amount of this scholarship in order to preserve the student’s eligibility for state and/or federal grant financial aid.

Applicants must submit a completed Education Advancement Scholarship application, along with an unopened and sealed official transcript of their official high school/G.E.D. or an official transcript(s) of any college work completed. A personal statement must also be attached to the completed application.

Application Information for the Fall 2018/Spring 2019 School Year will be posted in Spring 2018! 


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