Mike’s Books

Mike’s Books

Mike’s Books, a free on-site library at two Fresno Housing communities, was created with love in memory of the Farber’s son. Michael Farber was an avid reader and advocate for low income and homeless causes.

Cedar Courts: 4430 East Hamilton Avenue, Fresno

Sequoia Courts: 440 S. Modoc Street, Fresno

About Mike

Michael E. Farber was a fighter for the homeless, the jobless and low-income families as well as for protecting the environment. Raised in Hamden, CT, he earned his B.A. at Union College and M.A. from the University of Oregon. As a resident of Eugene, OR, he was instrumental in saving a vacant municipal building and turning it into a pre-school facility.

Later on in the Bay Area of California, he was a community leader for Rubicon, Inc. where he created needed housing for struggling families, disabled individuals, and impoverished singles. Following his death, the Church Lane — Michael E. Farber apartment complex in San Pablo was named in his honor.

His dynamic initiatives led to the development of the Rubicon Bakery to provide job training as well as income for workers and the community. This model of using entrepreneurship to assist unemployed and under-employed people was adopted by the REDF foundation; it launched the Farber Interns program which brings MBA students to California from the U.S. and overseas to promote such strategies to socially-conscious businesses.

Michael was active in sports as a distance runner in high school, going on to become a competitive bicyclist, hiker, and Frisbee stalwart. He passed away from cancer at 35 and is survived by his wife and daughter in Oakland and by parents and sister in Fresno, who support projects in his name.