Mission and Values

In 2011, Fresno Housing Authority completed an in-depth and comprehensive planning process that resulted in new energy and a rededication to supporting engaged communities throughout Fresno County.


Fresno – an engaged county, where all residents have access to quality housing that contributes to vibrant communities, and where all residents are empowered to achieve their educational and economic goals.

Mission Statement

Create and sustain vibrant communities throughout Fresno County


Over the coming five years, Fresno Housing Authority plans to focus on four primary strategies, as it works toward its broad, community-building mission:

  • PLACE.  Develop and maintain quality affordable housing for low-income residents throughout the city and county
  • PEOPLE.  Design, implement, and sustain exceptional programs that invest in residents (and other program participants) to become self-sufficient (through an array of educational, employment, and economic platforms)
  • PARTNERSHIP.  Lead, encourage, and build partnerships with local, regional, and national organizations to promote policies that build community; that increase and enhance, affordable housing options; and that provide programs that reflect and support the needs of housing participants
  • PUBLIC.  Generate public will to address the housing needs of low-income households in Fresno (and throughout California) by contributing to effective national and statewide advocacy efforts and by leading local and regional programs that educate and encourage residents of Fresno County to have a voice in housing and civic issues.

Organizational Values and Principles

Fresno Housing Authority (Fresno Housing) is committed to innovation and excellence in housing and services for low-income households throughout the city and county. The Housing Authority:

  • Promotes and supports quality housing and services that are accessible to low- and very-low-income residents and that help to build strong communities
  • Emphasizes the value of good design in its developments and the importance of creating places that support vibrant and engaged communities
  • Increases and improves the supply of quality affordable housing
  • Strives to create a common voice and to build leadership that can articulate the housing needs of Fresno’s communities, and finds ways to ensure that these needs are understood and met
  • Develops materials about housing issues and options that can be understood by a broad cross-section of the population and assures that its information is sensitive to the economic, cultural, and ethnic diversity of Fresno County.

Fresno Housing works to maintain a responsive agency that meets the needs of its many different constituents as well as the broader Fresno community. The Housing Authority:

  • Provides a vital link between residents and service providers
  • Supports a diverse housing portfolio, with a range of opportunities for low-income people in Fresno to access quality housing
  • Assists community organizations and public agencies to develop and deliver quality affordable housing and support services in communities throughout the city and county of Fresno
  • Captures information and data about the housing needs of Fresno County
  • Stays current on all federal, state, and local housing policies, and actively pursues available resources to support its mission and influences housing policy locally and nationally
  • Strives to be inclusive of Fresno’s ethnic and racial diversity, as well as those individuals with special needs, homeless individuals and families, the elderly, veterans, and the “hard to house”
  • Recognizes, reflects, and supports diversity in programs, selection of Commissioners, and recruitment and hiring of staff
  • Cultivates knowledgeable staff and encourages educational and experiential advancement
  • Encourages staff members to be accountable in accomplishing their job tasks, to express their opinions in constructive ways, and to embrace intentional, ethical decisionmaking
  • Believes that housing and related services are essential components of a strong and vibrant community – impacting the education, health, and well-being of all people
  • Values the unique contributions and perspectives brought by residents, staff, Commissioners, and the broad Fresno community.

Fresno Housing recognizes that quality affordable housing requires stable, adequate, and equitable funds derived from multiple sources. The Housing Authority:

  • Develops projects that support the organization’s core mission
  • Pursues contracts and grant funding to maximize affordable housing for the Fresno community
  • Works effectively and efficiently as a steward of critical resources.