Karl Johnson

Commissioner, City Board

In 2013, Karl Johnson, a Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) resident and formerly homeless individual, inspired many in the Fresno community and beyond with his book ReboundRebound is an inspiring comeback story of Karl, who found himself living on the streets after serving eleven years in state prison. However, after finding his way he is now back in the game with a roof over his head and a full-time job and is thankful to the Fresno community for helping him along the way.

Since the publication of Rebound, Karl has become an advocate in the community. In addition to serving as a Fresno Housing Commissioner, he also serves as a Board Member on the Emergency Food and Shelter Program through United Way of Fresno County. Karl is also contributing to the community with numerous volunteer speaking engagements because he knows giving back “is the right thing to do”. He has most recently spoken to business leaders in the community as well as at-risk youth. Karl’s selfless contributions to the Fresno Housing community and his can-do attitude are a true testament to the personal qualities that define him as a hero in the assisted housing community and beyond.