Section 3

Economic Opportunity Program

Fresno Housing is committed to offering contracting opportunities as well as employment and training opportunities to low-income residents of the Fresno metropolitan area. This effort is required by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 (also known as Section 3), and is intended to bolster local economic development, improve neighborhood economics, and promote individual and family self-sufficiency.

Contractors who submit a Section 3 Application with their proposal or bid and meet any one of the criteria below, will receive preference.

  • Provides economic opportunities for low-income residents of Fresno Housing Authority
  • Participates in the HUD-sponsored Youth Build program in the metropolitan Fresno area
  • Employs more than 30% of low-income workers
  • Subcontracts 25% of contract value to any of the above categories

If you would like to discuss how your company can partner with Fresno Housing in providing these opportunities, call Fresno Housing’s Section 3 Coordinator at (559) 443-8400 x4462.

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